Devieka Bhojwani has been instrumental in setting up The ‘Women’s Cancer Initiative-Tata Memorial Hospital’ in 2003, in partnership with the Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai one of India’s leading cancer hospitals.

Her brush with Breast Cancer, has only made her stronger and more determined to carry on the good work that she has also been associated with. Her commitment and dedication towards the Women’s Cancer Initiative stems from her strong belief that she has a mission to help other people who are in need and to spread awareness about rising incidents of Breast Cancer in India & the importance of early detection. More than just chasing a cure, she understands the needs of the increasing number of afflicted women.

Over the past few years, the foundation has broadened the scope of its activities with focusing on other Women’s Cancers such as cervical, ovarian & Oral Cancers. Devieka has been instrumental in channelizing funds to various projects undertaken by the Foundation with special emphasis on creating awareness and the need for early detection. The Foundation has also undertaken funding treatment of about 350 women each year, who cannot afford treatment costs but yet have over an 80% chance of a complete recovery and also aims at alleviating to some extent the physical and emotional sufferings associated with women related cancers.

The foundation also funds path-breaking research at the Tata Memorial Centre to find causes and cures to women related cancers as well as facilitates interaction between professionals at its Annual Conference held at the Tata Memorial Hospital attended by over 300 specialists in the field of cancer from all over the country including international experts.
The Women’s Cancer Initiative in partnership with the Department Of Preventive Oncology, Tata Memorial Hospital, has also recently launched its first Mobile Screening Van for early detection of breast, cervix and oral cancer on 1st November 2009. This mobile van is fully equipped and staffed, and will provide health education, screening and other preventive services to thousands of women from the lower socio economic areas in and around Mumbai, at no cost to them. “Women are the Silent strength of a nation. Within their simple lives lies the making of a better tomorrow. . Regardless of station, location and education we are all sisters under the skin. All of us women can make a difference. All of us have the ability if we are motivated enough I stand today as just another woman trying to make a difference and I am so happy to be a part of an initiative to create awareness and provide support and financial help to women through my foundation Women’s Cancer Initiative-Tata Memorial Hospital”


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