WCI-TMH aims at alleviating the physical, emotional and financial suffering associated with breast cancer in Indian women.
Among its secondary aims, WCI-TMH plans to lend complete support to patients, aid R&d on causes and increase interaction between professionals.

Financial Support for curative treatment of patients afflicted with breast cancer.

The foundation will support 250 to 300 women annually. The women supported will be ones who have been diagnosed at a relatively early stage and hence have a greater chance of recovery.

Support of education and technology transfer in breast cancer in the form of an annual conference.

a.  Sharing information with health professional on the latest approaches and techniques in treating breast cancer.

b.  Networking with hospitals, research bodies and rehabilitation agencies all over the country

Extensive support of research in breast cancer.

a.  Setting up a research agenda for breast cancer.

b.  Providing funding for research.

c.  Studies of ways to prevent, detect, diagnose and treat breast cancer.

d.  Studies of ways to improve comfort and quality of life of women afflicted with breast cancer.

e.  Studies of the psychological effects of the disease.

Creating a breast cancer support group. At these support group the following events will take place:

a.  A conducive environment for interaction between counsellors and patients.

b.  Helping the patient deal with the emotional issues arising from the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

c.  Counselling of the family members of the patients.

d.  Rehabilitation of patients so that they return to their normal lives as soon as possible.

Launching a large-scale awareness campaign to increase awareness among women about breast and other
women-related cancers.

a.  Breast cancer, a significant health problem and alarmingly on the rise.

b.  Early detection is vital and can improve cure rates as well as the chances of organ preservation.

c.  Perceptions about the social stigma associated with cancer need to be changed.

Fund Raising.

a.  Through events.

b.  Participation of corporate houses.

c.  With media support.



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